Monday, January 14, 2013

Starting Work - One Item at a Time

Dateline - Jan 12-13 2013 - Have started working on the car again.  I've got a lot to do and I noticed that by spring of last year, I was getting very distracted by trying to do too many things at once.  So for a while I want to work on only one thing and get it as done as possible.  So, this weekend I decided to work on the heater control.  Several weeks ago I found a wiring diagram online for the Chevy Astro Van, which is where my heater control and vent door actuator comes from, and spent an evening figuring out the pin configurations.  I even jury rigged some wiring and tested that everything worked.  I also ordered a Mr. Gasket choke cable, that I am using to drive the heater core water flow valve (from a 70's Ford Bronco) via the actuator motor.  The valve needs to be in the engine compartment, while the actuator motor needed to be inside the car.  Looking around I found a good spot on the right hand fender well to put the value and a place under the glove box, behind the new fuse holders for the actuator motor.  Now I needed to manufacture the components.  I'd need a bracket to mount the valve on the firewall, a bracket to mount the actuator, a bracket that mounts to the actuator and holds the cable in place and an arm for the actuator.  All of these were cut, filed and drilled out of sheet metal, fitted and painted black.  I used stainless steel hardware and nyloc nuts to make sure everything stays were it's supposed to be.  I may need to build a small heat shield inside the engine bay depending upon the heat buildup, but I can deal with that as necessary.  Here are pictures of the components and installation, including pictures of the valve in closed and open position, driven by the actuator motor.