Sunday, July 25, 2010

Passenger Side Done - Work on Back

Dateline – June 1st - July 25 – The last two months has been passenger side bodywork. I received my gallon of Evencoat Rage Gold and started filling. The passenger side of the car was in pretty bad shape, with the rot on the rear scuttle, front fender issues, back fender issues and several creases in the doors and a few door dings. Suffice it to say that it took an entire gallon of body filler to repair the damage, even after a lot of hammering, smoothing and welding! Fortunately, the results speak for themselves!

Front Fender: Needed to fill the area around the antenna hole, as well as the large dent. There was a dent in the front by the side marker that needed to be filled also, as well as around the headlight nacelles that I welded on. I also welded in the holes that the old Jag emblems used, and that required the back side of the fender to be filled as well. The edge also needed to be filled so that the panel lines would be smooth.

Back Fender: The back fender had been crushed in and accident much earlier in the cars life. I needed to remove all the old filler, then rebuild the back edge around the tail light and fill in the body from the back to the front over the rear side marker. The front wheel arch needed to be filled also to match the panel lines on the door. Also the back scuttle needed to be filled for the metal repair that was completed. Finally, the inside of the boot channel needed to be filled to smooth out the panel line between the fender and the boot lid.

Doors: Both doors had some serious work done due to damage. The back door had two large creases in the sheet metal, the front door had some damage done to the front edge that needed filling, plus some work to match it up to the front fender. Also, both doors had several door dings that needed to be filled.

Back: The area around the back bumper had been pushed by several accidents. This has required a significant amount of work and filler to get straight.

Good news is that everything is very straight now! The doors line up well and are very smooth. Now, as soon as I get my next gallon of filler I can finish the boot and move onto the driver’s side of the car!