Monday, October 31, 2016

Upholstery and Window Switches

Dateline - 10/29/2016 - Didn't spend a lot of time on the car this weekend.  What I did do was work on the window switches, the steering wheel cover and some upholstery.  For the passenger side window switch, I decided to de-solder the original leads, which are pretty small gauge wire, and solder on new leads of 12 gauge wire with appropriate bayonet connections.

On the driver side, I de-soldered the four switches from the original motherboard, but when I tried to put them into the new holder, they did not fit.  I spent about an hour reworking the holder to hold the switches.  I needed to solder on new leads, but it was getting late and decided to pick that up later

As I wrote about last week, the steering column cover has been a bit of a pain, but I think I have figured out how to mount it.  I have added a pin to the upper part of the cover that hooks behind the turn signal switch frame.  I'm going to add a screw on the bottom that will screw the cover to the fascia and that should hold everything in place.

Finally, I worked on the upholstery for the arm rests and piping that goes around the window switches.

It doesn't feel like I got much done, but every little bit brings me that much closer!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Still Working on Door Panel

Dateline - 10/22/2016 - Well, my fishing trip was a washout.  Drove four hours to find the rivers blown out!  So came home the nest day and worked on the car over the weekend.  This weekend was focused on door panels again.  Last week I did some modifications to the right side front door panel so that it would fit.  This modification required more fiber glassing.  This weekend I cleaned up the work and re-attached to vinyl that I had removed.  Once I got that done, I was able to fit the panel on the door.  It looks really good.

For the driver's side door, I got out the industrial sewing machine and sewed the new vinyl cover.  I spent most of the day Sunday installing the cover on the door panel.  It takes a lot time because I have to adhere some places with rubber cement and let it dry, then glue other parts with 3M 77 adhesive.  Overall it took a good four hours to do.  Now both door panels are done!

Since I had the sewing machine out, I also did some sewing of the passenger side arm rest.  I had the frame done for a long time, but did not get around the sewing the cover.  That's done.

I also sewed the cover to the steering wheel cover and glued it to the frame.  Now I just need to finish figuring out how I'm going to mount it.

Finally, I have to work on the power window switches.  I bought aftermarket switches that are back lit and should  be pretty cool.  The front passenger and two back door switches are single switches that are easy to deal with.  The driver side though is ganged together via a back-plane circuit board with all four switches side-by-side.  I need to etch a back plane that allows me to put the switches the way I want them (two rows, front windows forward, back windows behind) then solder all he connections.  Should be fun.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Door Panels and Miscellaneous Fittings

Dateline - 10/16/2016 - It's getting hard to believe, but I'm running out of things to work on!  This week I got a shipment from SNG Barratt that had some items I ordered including the chrome wings that sit next to the trunk lock, the right rear door seal and the plastic fittings that hold a little chrome piece on the back doors.  So I installed all of those this weekend.  Man I'm glad the door seals are done!  They sure are PITA!

With all those miscellaneous things out of the way, I started working on the door panels.  I had finished the right front door panel many years ago, but the left one I had to tear apart because it did not fit with the new dash.  Good thing because after I had put in all the trim, wind-lacing and kick panels, the panel no longer fit in the door opening!  So I went at it with my Dremel tool and saber saw and cut away quite a bit of the door panel to get it to fit.  It took most of the day Saturday to cut, sand, fit and cut again.  But I finally got the panel to fit, including the scrapers.  Now I have to saw a new vinyl cover and glue it all together.

I tackled the right front panel on Sunday.  This one was "finished", but like the left, it no longer fit in the opening either.  However, this one required a lot less modification.  I was able to pull away the vinyl and foam backing without much problem and again with the Dremel and saber saw!  Once I got it to size, I needed to re-fiberglass a portion of it, so I broke out the epoxies and went to town. Because I had not done any epoxy work in over a year, I had to spend some time getting my epoxy pumps tools to work correctly.  That was a messy job!  But I prevailed and finally got the door epoxied.  Now, all I need to do is sand a bit more and glue the vinyl back and that door panel should be ready for installation!

Also, I installed the new rear view mirror.  The old one was attached to the trim piece that span across the front window. It was in pretty bad shape and so I decided to buy a window mounted mirror that had map lights built into it.  I installed it and it works perfect!  Very pleased!

The last thing I did Sunday was work on the fiberglass piece that covers the blinker switch and steering column.  I got it sanded down so that it doesn't interfere with the steering wheel anymore, but now need to figure out how to mount it and saw a new vinyl cover for it.  I think I know how I am going to mount it, but that will have to wait for a couple of weekends because next weekend, I'm going fishing!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Getting Close and Closer

Dateline - 10/08/2016 - This weekend and put the car back on its wheels so that I could work on the passenger side front door.  I had to put the car on its wheels because I needed to push it forward about 18 inches in the garage to clear the center post.  I still need to bleed the brakes and change the tires for new ones.  So it will be back on jack stands soon!

I spent most of the day on Saturday putting the door back together.  After doing three of them already, I had pretty much figured out all the tricks, but it still very fiddly work.  It took about four hours, but I got most of it back together.

I also took care of some side projects.  I needed to paint the inside of the air collector in the front scuttle, so I finished that and installed the grill and front windshield wash nozzles.  I also installed the window wipers too, now that I have a front window!

I also changed the dash somewhat.  I took out the clock in the center of the dash because I realized that, if I use the battery cut off a lot, resetting the clock is going to be a pain.  So instead of the clock, I installed a Jaguar badge that I purchased to go on top of the shift knob but was too big.  It's off a modern jaguar and looks really good in the center of the dash!

I also re-installed trim that I had to take out to put the front window in, as well as installed the window trim that goes around the sides of the front window.  Finally, I installed the dash pad.

The interior is coming along really well.  Next weekend I'm going to work on fitting the door panels.  I know I'm going to need to modify them to fit.  I really guessed wrong on the shape of the door opening once all the trim is in.  Oh well.  Everything is custom, so all it takes is time to fix.