Monday, June 11, 2018

Need New Paint

Dateline - 06/09/2018 - I finally managed to hook up with the paint shop this last week and drove the car down to the shop.  The paint guy was very impressed with the car.  He really liked what I did with the interior.  He said it looks modern but classic.  He was also impressed with the custom upholstery and carbon fiber work. 

So the news on the paint is that they are going to need to repaint the entire car!  Makes since.  That way they don't have to match any colors.  He did say that he saw some shrinkage (not sure what that means) and quite a few chips from putting the panels back on, so a repaint will make it look nice and fresh.  But it does mean is that I needed to strip the car of all the chrome, door handles, side windows, door panels, etc., and tow the car to paint and back. 

To be prepared this weekend I spent a day taking everything off the car except the front and back windows and the gas caps. I took my time and bagged all the hardware individually so it should go back together much easier then it did last time when I spent hours looking for the correct hardware or odds-and-ends parts.  I also found a few things that I need change while the parts are out of the car, so this will be a good time to take care of those items.

Front stripped
Back stripped
All the parts off the car
So, I need to call the paint guy next week to find out when they can fit me in.  He said he needs a couple of weeks to finish up a Nova project they are working on right now, then they can do my car.

If all the timing works out, this will mean that I may get the car back about the time the bumpers come back from the chromer.  Could mean I can finish it all up at one time.  That would be cool!