Monday, October 13, 2014

Starting Fall/Winter 2014 Work

Dateline - 10/11/2014 - Well the leaves are starting to turn, as is the weather here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which means it is now time to start working on the car again.  To do so, I have to transform my car from a SUV (Storage Utility Vehicle) back to my working project, which means moving all the junk that has piled up on it during the summer to some other place in the garage, as well as cleaning my workbench.  Fortunately, neither were the herculean tasks they were in prior years and in about 1/2 hour I had both tasks done.

So, were I left off in the spring was that the car was getting ready to go to the paint shop.  I thought I was ready, but as I moved things around, I realized that I had not finished sanding under the bonnet, or the boot lid.  So, that was my project for the weekend.  I finished sanding everything and as far as I can tell, the car is ready.  I need to get my paint guy out to look the car over before I have it towed to the paint shop, just to make sure it is as ready to go as I think it is.  Maybe this week or next.

After the car goes to paint, I'm going to focus on cleaning and painting all the parts that are going back on the car.  There are a lot of odds and ends that I've taken off that will need to be cleaned up before they are re-installed.  This is good work to do because each piece finished means one step closer to getting the car back together.  It's pretty exciting actually!