Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving and Gauges

Dateline - 25 November 2010 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

The car is moving forward! I now have all the doors hung, the front driver's fender on, and the filler done on the driver's side back fender. The driver's side front door needed to be moved back to give a better seam line, so I made some steel shims and installed them. Much better panel lines now!

Also, I ordered my gauges from and they arrived this week! I ordered AutoMeter Arctic White gauges that have white faces, red pointers, chrome bezels and slightly domed lenses. I also ordered green LED bulbs to make the faces brighter.

The gauges I ordered are: Electric Speedometer with sender, electric tach, electric oil pressure, electric water temperature, volt meter, gas gauge and clock. Yes, a clock! Don't all high end cars have a clock? Here is the picture:

Now, I need to get some card stock and foam core and start mocking up the dash! FUN!