Monday, November 16, 2015

More Engine Bay Work

Dateline - 11/14/2015 -  Spend another Saturday working on the engine bay.  I got the power steering pump pulley cover during the week and put that on.

Next I installed the blower motors/fans.  This took a lot longer than I expected because I had rebuilt and painted the fans over the summer and tested them when I put them back together, but didn't test them with the squirrel cages on them.  Both of them squealed really badly.  Seems that I didn't lubricate the shafts well enough.  So I had to take them apart again, which required unsoldering the leads and brushes from the the windings and and remove a fiberglass board that holds it all together. So what should have been an hour job turned into three, but the fans are in.

Both blower motors/fans installed
Next I put in the windshield wiper motor and apparatus.  I know this was going to be a pain, and it was!  The worst part is that I spend about 1/2 hour looking for the darned bracket that holds the motor to the car.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  Looked in all my boxes in the garages, etc., but no joy.  Then as I was just about ready to call it quits, I remembered it was in the room with all the painted parts!  D'oh!
Windshield wiper motor installed
Windshield wiper shafts and mechanism
Finally, I put a few odds and ends on.  The battery cutout solenoid, the heater water control valve and the automatic transmission filler/dipstick.

Clockwise from upper left: Battery cutoff solenoid, transmission dipstick, heater water control valve  
I had to call it an early day because I was meeting some friends and going to a show.  I will not be working on the car again until December do to other events going on, so my next most will be in a few weeks.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Engine Dress Up

Dateline - 11/08/2015 - This weekend was focused on engine dress up.  I bought a March Performance billet aluminum Pulley Kit that replaced all the original steel V-Belt pulleys with billet aluminum pulleys, plus new brackets.  I also bought a polish aluminum water pump and a chromed power steering pump.  I spent most of the day doing the installation.

But first, I needed to finish putting in the brake hard lines.  I used marine grade Adel clamps to fasten the tubes down.  Then I cleaned and painted the suspension cross member that runs under the engine.

Brake hard lines running along firewall

Right side brake hard lines

Left side brake hard lines
Suspension cross member prep for painting
Once that was done I started putting the pulley kit on.  I started by installing the power steering pump onto the water pump while it was off the engine.  Then I installed the two pumps on the engine and put on the crank pulley and the power steering pulley and realized I didn't get the pump aligned correctly.  I ended up putting it on and taking it off five times before I got the spacing correct.  It was a pain, but it needed to be correct.

Parts for pulley kit on workbench

Water pump and power steering pump installed on engine (Note painted cross member and sway bar)

Crank pulley, power steering pulley and belt installed
Next was installing the alternator.  I had to removed the original pulley and fan from the new alternator (I had bought it when I got the car in 2009) and install the aluminum fan and pulley.  Then I installed the bottom bracket, the alternator and the upper adjustment turnbuckle. Finally I had to put the water pump pulley on and adjust everything.   It was pretty fast and straightforward.  The one thing I don't like is that the power steering pump pulley doesn't have a cover.  March sells one as an extra and it really needs it. So I purchased the and should have it next week.  Why they don't include it in the kit, I've no idea!

Alternator, water pump pulley and belt installed

View of engine from left

View of engine from right
I'm still up in the air about buying a new intake manifold.  Dropping $375 for something that works fine now is hard for me to justify.  So I thought why not sandblast the one I have and see how it looks.  So I pulled it off the engine and cleaned it up.  I think it is going to work fine.  I am wondering if I should put some high temp clear coat on it to keep it from staining.

Manifold before sandblasting (lines in the middle are an artifact from the camera)

Manifold after cleaning.
 Oh, and this is what fall looks like in my front and back yard!

The waterfall in my front yard

View out my bedroom window

Nice time of year!