Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February Update

Dateline - March 8th 2011 - February was full of bits and pieces work focused around fiberglass and wood, plus a couple weeks down sick! First, started by creating the foam bucks for the center vents. I need to pull air out of the main ducts that run alongside the airbox (black plastic in the pictures), so I designed two new ducts in foam that I fiber glassed to create ducting.

I also got parts in for the turn signal based upon 1994 Chevy Astro parts. Of course, nothing fit like it was designed because I am creating something new, from something old. So I had to do a lot of manufacturing, cutting, sanding, drilling, bending and general hacking! But I got it to work. So now I have a modern turn signal that has the windshield wiper, cruse control and dimmer switch all on one turn signal that fits on the steering column and even has automatic return! Okay, sometimes I just have to admit that "I'm good!"

Back to the air ducks. Once I got the bucks done, and the fiber glass, I created aluminum sleeves and then laid up the fiber glass on the bucks. Once dry, I cut and sanded the fiber glass smooth and got ready for the next step.

...But first, I and Matt had some work to do with the birdseye maple. Lots of cutting and sanding gave us enough 1/4 inch pieces to create the entire dashboard. We will have to mirror the pieces, but it is going to look really, really good!

Back to the ducting! I melted out the pink foam with with acetone, cleaned up the residue, then created the aluminum back plate and also the damper value that is used to stop the airflow when the defroster or floor only settings are selected. These will be activated by push rod connected to the vacuum motors that will activate the other air control valves.

And my final work for the month before I was knocked down by a vicious cold, was to fiberglass the center console. I haven't had time to clean this up yet, but the fiber glass came out just like I wanted it too. I'm very pleased.