Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Jag Is Home!

Dateline 10/31/2015 - The Jaguar has come home.  The tow truck from Precision Tow showed up at Showcase Auto at 9:00 AM on the dot this morning and by 10:00 it was at home in the garage.  Of course, today was one of the wettest we have had in awhile, with serious wind and rain, but it's fall in the Pacific Northwest!  You can't let a little water stop you!  Here are pictures of the car coming home:

Loading car at Paint

Car arriving at house

Getting read to unload

Landed in the garage

From the back

Front 3/4 view

Back 3/4 view

Clockwise from top left: Dash vinyl, paint test card, test panel (much lighter than the car really turned out)
The bonnet, boot lid, front wings, gas tank covers and doors are still at the point shop.  They will have them for a couple more months while I finish up the inside of the car.  I'm in no hurry to get them back since I'd have to store them someplace.

So now the fun begins! 

After getting the car settled, I spent some time drying it out and removing tape that was left on the car.  I needed to decide which part of the car I wanted to work on first, and decided it will be the engine bay.  I removed the exhaust manifolds to have them ceramic plated.
Exhaust manifolds

I also started putting the brake tubing back in.  It all needed to be cleaned and sandblasted.  I also need to get a bunch of Adel clamps to hold everything down, so things are just hanging right now.

Tubing from master cylinder (upper right) to the front and rear brake connection (lower left)

Left Front brake tube the runs under front body frame

I also pulled out the gas feed hose because it was almost crushed closed! 

Crushed fuel line from engine bay.  Don't know how this car got any gas!
It's going to be so nice put parts back on the car again, AND LEAVE THEM THERE!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Jag is coming home!

Dateline 10/27/2015 - The day has been set!  Saturday 10/31/2015 - Halloween!  The Jag is going to return back from paint!  What an appropriate day to have my red car come home!

Yes, I'm excited!  Last weekend I spent about three hours cleaning the garage so that I'd have a place to put the car!  A summer of parts cleaning, sand blasting and painting, as well as a few home repair projects, had filled up the area the car was in with misclianious stuff.  Plus my workbench had gone out of control.  So, in prep I got everything clean, moved and floor swept, ready for the car to come in.

During the summer I filled up a spare bedroom full of parts that I cleaned and painted.  Everything isn't done, but I really did knock out a great many items, which will make assembly much faster!  Will I be done in a weekend?  NO WAY!  But, with luck, I think I can have it running and on the road by this spring!  That's really cool!

Stay tuned for another update next week with picture of the car coming home!