Saturday, December 1, 2012

Summer Is Gone, Time to get back into the Garage!

Dateline - December 2012 - Well I took a long break from the car to enjoy our spring and summer weather buy biking, some yard work, painting my deck and laying in the hammock. Now it's time to get back to the Jag! It looks like March was my last update and I got quite a bit done before I stopped for the summer. In fact, I think it would be best to just line out what is done, what is in work, and what is left to do.

1) All the body filler work is done and 1/2 of the car (passenger side) has been sanded and ready for primer, including doors and door jambs. I still need to do the driver's side.
2) Reconfigured Heating/cooling system
3) Heater core refurbished
4) Headliner and all trim pieces.
5) Dash pad has been upholstered
6) A-Pillar covers upholstered
7) Center Console built and upholstered
8) Passenger side door panel
9) Driver and Passenger side door pockets
10) Upholstery for lower parts of B-pillars
11) Driver side lower dash fascia built and upholstered
12) Steering column cover molded and upholstered
13) Steering column turn signal and cruse control/wiper switch re-work
14) Moved fuse blocks from center of dash to behind lower passenger glove box and replace fuse types from old style glass to modern bayonet type.
15) Wiring to move power window switches to door panels - this was a lot of work!
16) Installation and wiring of a battery cutoff switch
17) Installation and wiring of new oil pressure sensor for new gauge
18) Installation and wiring of new water temperature sensor for new gauge
19) Wired Delphi connectors for headlights and front turn signals and side markers
20) Installation and wiring of transmission torque converter lockup

1) Carbon fiber center console layup - negative mold has been formed.
2) Carbon fiber window switch bezels
3) Driver's side door panel - was done but needed to rework because the door would not close around the dashboard - As Homer Simpson would say, "Do'h!"
4) Driver's and Passenger door arms - close but need some tweaking to get finished look
5) Passenger side lower dash fascia - Need to finish up the glove box.
6) Wood dash - pieces have been cut but finish work is still required
7) Wiring for Speedo - Need to get adapter for transmission to mate with the sender unit
8) Wiring for Tach
9) Wiring for Instrument lights
10) Wiring of ignition cutout switch
11) Sanding, rust inhibiting and priming passenger side lower rear fender
12) Stripping, cleaning and painting trunk hinges

Not Started:
1) Upper B-Piller upholstery
2) Installation and wiring of cruse control system
3) Installation and wiring of automatic headlight system
4) Installation and wiring of center console switches
5) Installation and wiring of radio
6) Installation and wiring of heater control unit including heat valve control
7) Wiring for NOS system in trunk
8) Wiring AUX power to the trunk
9) Wiring of turn signals
10) Installation and wiring of interior foot well lights
11) Sanding, rust inhibiting and priming driver side lower rear fender
12) Sanding, rust inhibiting and priming front lower fascia (below front bumper)
13) Sanding, repairing and painting interior air circulation tray (unit under back deck)
14) Sending chrome pieces in for re-chroming
15) Fill prime and sand the body
16) Sealing and installation of driver side fuel tank
17) Installation of new passenger side fuel tank
18) Cleaning and installation of evaperative control tubing in truck and C-Pillars
19) Re-installing Brake Peddle, Brake Booster and new Master Cylinder
20) Re-installing Steering Column
21) Re-installing Gear Selection Lever
22) Installation of new Emergency Brake level and cable
23) Installation of sound proofing
24) Final Paint
25) Final re-assembly

The good news is that I believe I have almost all the parts I need. Sitting on my shelf right now are:
1) All new gauges
2) All new switch gear
3) Cruse Control Kit
4) Auto Headlight Kit
5) Components to fabricate hot water control unit for heating system
6) New front and rear window seals
7) New side window rubber seals
8) New side window runner seals
9) New door handle, door lock and trunk lock seals
10) New door seals for all four doors
11) New trunk seal
12) New front turn signal, side maker and rear tail light seals
13) New passenger side fuel tank
14) Fuel tank sealing kit for driver side tank
15) New brake master cylinder
16) Sound proofing
17) Carpet Kit

Need to purchase:
1) Radio
2) Transmission adapter for speedo sender
3) I'm sure some odds and ends I've not thought of yet!

There is still a lot of work to do, but I'm pressing for June 2013 to be done. I think I can do it! Keep watching!