Monday, March 16, 2015

More Sandblasting

Dateline - 03/15/2015 - Did some more sandblasting this weekend.  I'm finding that I can do a 6" x 6" square of metal before the compressor kicks in.  I stop to let the compressor catch up otherwise it just continues to run and I don't want to burn up the compressor or motor.  So, while the compressor runs, I disassemble and prep parts for cleaning.  So, I have now cleaned:

- Radiator cross member
- Coolant header (adapter that goes into the top hose of the radiator to add water and has overflow)
- Boot lid hing springs
- Both interior cooling fan housings
- One interior headlight bucket
- One interior headlight bulb holder ring
- Vacuum reservoir
- Vacuum reservoir bracket

It's a bit slow going, but boy do the parts look nice and will be great when painted!  Much better then sanding by hand, let me tell you!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dash Work and Sandblasting

Dateline - 03/07/2014 - This weekend I worked on the wood dash with by buddy Matt.  There was one last bit of Maple on the center gauge cluster that needed to be sanded down and finished.  Matt has great wood working tools and with the help of his belt, rotary and drum sanders, as well as his band saw, we were able to whip it into shape.  Now it finish time!

I spend part of Sunday the finishing touches to the air compressor by drilling holes in my garage floor and mounting the compressor so that it doesn't walk around.  After getting it set up, I put sand into my blaster cabinet, hooked up the air and started sandblasting.  My first piece was the cross member that holds the radiator in the car. This barely fit in the cabinet, but it was a good piece to practice on and after about 45 minutes I got it pretty well cleaned up (see pictures).  

Cross member with just a little sandblasting

Cross member completely sandblasted

I also cleaned up the radiator filler which took less then 10 minutes (no pictures).  Now I have an idea on how long it will take to do some of the parts and need to start digging around in my boxes for things clean up.  I'm pretty exited.