Monday, February 23, 2015

Air Compressor Installed - Mostly

Dateline - 02/21/2015 - Saturday was devoted to getting my new air compressor installed.  The compressor is big item requiring a lot of room and 220 volts to run.  So I had to find a good spot in the garage that wasn't in the way.  The only place I had was the corner by the garage door.  This area had been used to store things like fishing rods, shovels, a pole saw, pond net, and a bunch of miscellaneous items like base boards, pieces of conduit, etc.  Basically anything with a handle I can could stand in the corner.  Well, out it all came and the new compressor went in.

Now I have to say, I envy the guy who can just throw something in  and be done with it.  That's not me!  I have to do it to the best of my ability so that everything is neat and tidy.  So first I had to run 220 volts out of the main service.  I really don't like working in the main service, but I had a new one installed a few years back so there was plenty of room and a master kill switch, so it was good as long as I stayed away from the live side of the bus bars!  The wire run easy since the service is on the same wall as as the compressor. It was a simple matter of running Romax out of the service, down the wall and across using external boxes and solid PVC conduit.  I got the compressor with a good length of flexible conduit and I was able to use that to connect the compressor to the box on the wall.  I did have to call my Brother-in-law for some wiring advice, but his extensive experience helped me out immensely and he had me on the correct path in about five minutes.

The next challenge was how to run the air.  As you can see from the pictures, the area is a bit tight and the air outlet of the tank sticks out a bit.  I bought a nice regulator/filter to go on the tank , but it would stick out too far and be a hazard.  The regulator had a mounting bracket that came with it, so I was able to use that to mount the regulator on the wall.  I had to buy a length of hose to connect the tank to the regulator, but that was easy to find at Home Depot.

Once I got everything hooked up, I put oil in the compressor (it was drained so that we could move it on its side), turned on the circuit breaker and fired it up.  Sure enough, it ran fine and filled the tank up beautifully.  I tested all my connections for leaks and found none which surprised me!  I hooked it up to my air nozzle and it worked fine.  I did not try the sandblaster, but that's coming next.

The only thing I have left to do is bolt the tank to the floor.  I was wondering if I could get away with not doing so, but when the pump is running, there is enough vibration to cause the tank to "wonder" around.  So I need to get a concrete bit and drill some holes and fasten it down.  That's next week's project.

So, It two runs to Home Depot and about $100 worth of parts, but I now have a big beautiful air supply!  Now I got to get busy sand blasting!

Here are pictures:

Air compressor left, regulator in middle and service on right

Regulator mounted on wall, orange hose in input, yellow is output.

Monday, February 16, 2015

It’s Gone To Paint!

Dateline – 02/14/2015 - Mark your calendars everyone!  The Jaguar has gone to the paint shop!  The tow truck arrived at 8:30 am on Saturday and we had it loaded and ready to go by 9:10.   I had all the fenders, doors, etc. in the van and we both headed over to Chowcase Auto Rebuild where Ricky my paint guy was ready for it.  We pushed it into the shop, I brought in all the part getting ready to paint. 
Last time in the garage without paint

Loading on the tow

Driving away...



At the paint shop

Ricky said that he have the body for about two months.  He will paint the body first then I can pick it up and start installing other things while he works on the doors, lids, hinges, etc.  This way I can get the car together and not have to worry about damaging all the other parts!  Pretty cool!

Also, I picked up an air compressor from the guy I bought the sandblaster from.  60 gallon, 10 cfm @ 90 psi.  He used it to run the sandblaster and had no problems.  Now I just need to get a 220 volt 15 amp breaker put and wired so that I can plug it in!
New compressor