Monday, August 6, 2018

Putting It All Back Together Again...Again!

Dateline - 08/04/2018 - Now that the car is back from paint, it's time to put it all back together again.  I started in the front with the grills, headlights and side markers.  Then I moved to the right back and installed the right tank cover, tail light and side marker.

I was going to start on the window chrome pieces, but there is a "locking strip" the is supposed to be inserted into the window seal that presses the rubber tight against the window and the body.  I didn't install this originally, but I thought better of it this time and wanted to install it.  After working on it for about an hour, I thought to myself, "There must be a tool for this."  Sure enough, I found out that there is a tool for this and ordered it on Amazon.  Should be here next week!  Then I started on the doors.

The doors are such a pain.  They really are.  Tight spaces.  Sharp edges,  just not fun.  Starting on the front door, I had to install:

  • Rear view mirror
  • Door Lock
  • Door handle
  • Vinyl water barrier
  • Outer Window scraper and chrome trim
  • Outer Window chrome edging
  • 1/2 of the B-Pillar Chrome (half is on the trailing edge of the front door, the other half is on the leading edge of the back door)
  • The window
  • The 1/4 light (e.g. "Vent window") and frame
  • Power window motor and regulator
  • Widow stop (lowest down position)
  • Door panel
  • Arm rest
  • Window Switch
  • Arm rest pad
  • Door threshold
All sounds easy, but of course, it wasn't.  The first challenge was doing things in the correct order, which I didn't.  The second challenge was the vinyl water barrier.  What a PITA.  All together, it took me about two hours to get the door together.

Then I started on the back right door.  Things to be installed on that door are:
  • Install rear 1/4 light glass into frame.
  • Install 1/4 light
  • Door Handle, 
  • Water barrier
  • B-Pillar chrome
  • Window scraper and chrome
  • Window
  • Power window motor and regulator
  • Window frame top (comes out so that you can pull the window out)
  • Re-install door seal that I had to take off to get the 1/4 light and window out.
  • Window outside chrome
  • Chrome piece below the 1/4 light
  • Window stop
  • Door panel
  • Arm rest
  • Window Switch
  • Arm rest pad
  • Door wind lacing
  • Door threshold
This door went slightly easier but I got about 2/3 of the way done when I got to 7:00 pm and decided to call it quits for the day and finished it on Sunday after my bike ride.

On Sunday, I finished the door, installed the rain gutter trim, then moved to the back left of the car, installing the left fuel tank cover, tail light and side maker.  I then started working on the trunk lid by installing the trunk knob, chrome "wings" on either side of the knob, and the trunk seal.  At that point, it was getting hot in the garage and I was burning out, so I spend about 1/2 cleaning my workbench, and called it a day.

Since I have all the side markers and lights off, I decided to go ahead and buy LED bulbs for all the running, direction, brake and backup lights.  Not cheap, but they should look good on the car.

So, what is left?
  • Backup light frames
  • Trunk chrome strip that runs between the backup lights
  • Trunk emblems (need to buy new ones)
  • License plate and frame (need to get the car registered with the old plate - See
  • Left front door
  • Left back door
  • Left rain gutter trim
  • Front windscreen seal lock
  • Front windscreen chrome
  • Back windscreen seal lock
  • Back windscreen chrome
  • Front bumper - still need to get back from chromer
  • Back bumper - still need to get back from chromer
The list is getting smaller and smaller!